One of the first steps in purchasing property, is knowing how much you are prepared to spend. The other is getting some idea of what and where you want to buy.How much you are prepared to spend, often involves shopping around for a loan best suited to your needs. Going to the bank you currently use, a local mortgage company as well as an on line mortgage company are often a good place to start.  Spending 25% to 35 % of ones income for the monthly mortgage payments is typical, the loan you select will have specific guidelines in this regard.  More importantly is what you feel comfortable with.

What and where you buy is often dependent on a set of basic requirements and a list of optional features. Staying withing the school district, a minimum of three bedrooms or a quiet location might be examples of requirements for some people.  Examples of optional features might be an ocean view because perhaps the right river view might end up feeling even better.  Or perhaps you are looking for a kitchen design you have in mind and perhaps the home you end up really liking is perfect except for the kitchen. Perhaps the home can be purchased for a price low enough for you to design and install the kitchen of your dreams.

What I am saying is that it is very common for what and where to buy, to evolve somewhat, within some set parameters during the property buying process.   Take advantage of this, and you are likely to become very happy property owners.

The next section I would like to talk about is the inspections one typically does after the buyer and seller have come to an agreement.  This agreement is typically contingent on buyers inspections, and seller disclosures, meeting the approval of the buyer.
This section is coming soon!